Portfolios | Networks | Other Visualizations 

Huge amounts of data are hard to digest for human beings when presented in the wrong way. On the other hand our brains do an excellent job in processing information stored in pictures. Refer to the section KNOW-HOW / SCIENCE of THINKING if you are interested in learning more about neuroscience and cognitive limitations. 

You are interested in seeing your product portfolio in a powerful, yet easy to understand single picture. That is possible. For example through movie like animations of data points over time.

You would like to map out the network of relationships existing in your ecosystem. Who is connected with whom? Who is close to each other? Which common interests hold parties together? Which information is relevant in different environments? Absolutely doable.

Performance monitoring
You would like to see how performance indicators contribute to higher targets, goals and your overall vision. Excel list might do the trick from a computational point of view, but they are not intuitive. Visual score maps that can be expanded and collapsed at your fingertips are a much better option.

Assessment landscape
You would like to collect and oversee different views from different colleagues, partners or experts in a single picture? Online questionnaires integrated into a visualization tool can give you the full view or just present you most significant differences. Results can be further utilized in strategy or scenario developments.

Changing paradigms
You wonder how fast new impacts will affect other drivers? Will the most relevant drivers of your current strategy remain powerful? Which external factors are on the rise? How do these factors increase or decrease their influence in a system? A system analysis with delayed impacts can give you answers to these questions. Visually of course.